Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some links to interesting articles

Here are 2 interesting links to articles from BBN:

- Do you hate Russia? This article was published on BalticBusinessNews and written by Estonian business daily Äripäev’s editor in chief Meelis Mandel. It reflects and discuss the current troubles between Estonia and Russia.

- Why aren’t fuel retailers in Estonia cutting petrol price? I wanted to write an article about that but it is already late. Petrol prices stand today at 94dollars and the prices at the gas stations have not decreased for months now. There is no justification to that in spite of what Antti Moppel claims in the article. Dollar VS euro has gained but petrol prices have gone down by about 30%... food for thought!

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Raúl y Pablo said...

los voy a visitar parecen muy buenos mañana t digo si estan bien o no