Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Online stoning: who is Roger Moore from BBN?

Ready news in Estonia on the Internet is a real adventure thanks to the famous Roger Moore spying on Baltic Business News. This double 0 is serving a pathetic and unknown majesty to protect us against the mean Estonian “rats” (as he likes to say). Thank you Roger! Armed with his favourite weapon, the Walther BBS (Big BullShit – NB do not send me comments I know it is PPK) he is verbally and objectively shooting (shouting) at the “moron” (yes he likes this word too) Estonians. The most ironic thing in that story is the fact that he is probably hired by the Great mother-Russia to provide fake and insulting information by using a British-looking pseudo to divert the attention of the smart Estonians.
Ian Fleming himself would not write a more creative endless novel!

So take the kids away and get ready. If after reading a few comments you feel like insulting him, please do so and send him an email to, he’ll be happy to answer and tell you his story (see below for more information about it) probably as interesting as his comments and surely justifying his hate towards Estonia and the Estonians…
From here deny all responsibilities for all the comments and words published afterwards and give the entire responsibility to Roger Moore.
Lapidation en ligne : qui est Roger Moore de BBN?

Lire les news sur l’Internet en Estonie est une véritable aventure grâce au désormais célèbre Roger Moore qui espionne sur le site Baltic Business News. Ce double 0 au service de sa pathétique et inconnue majesté nous protège des « rats » estoniens (oui il aime bien ce terme), merci Roger ! Armé de son arme favorite, sa PPK (Pauvre Pitoyable Kconnerie :o ), il crache verbalement et très objectivement sur ces « abrutis » d’estoniens (ça aussi il aime bien le répéter). L’ironie de l’histoire est qu’il est probablement embauché par la grande Russie afin de faire circuler de fausses informations en utilisant un pseudo anglais visant à détourner l’attention de ces Estoniens très intelligents.
Ian Fleming lui-même n’aurait pas eu assez d’imagination pour écrire une telle histoire malheureusement sans fin !

Alors mettez les enfants au lit et préparez-vous. Si après avoir lu quelques commentaires, vous vous sentez de lui envoyer un gentil message, faites-vous plaisir (ça soulage :D) et envoyez-lui un email à . Il sera content de vous répondre et de vous raconter son histoire, sûrement aussi intéressante que ses commentaires et justifiant très probablement sa haine envers l’Estonie toute entière…
A partir d'ici je décline toute responsabilité pour les propos publiés ci-après et rejette entièrement la faute sur Roger Moore.

Roger Moore 04.09.08 12:21
Very soon Whole of Estonia will be ESSR.As there is no other choice with Moron Estonians.
Ah, first time he mentions Moron Estonians…

Roger Moore 04.09.08 21:21
Henk Verbeke,
come and live in Estonia and you will Vomit here.Atleast I criticizes honestly.

Roger Moore,
17.10.08 16:18
The unemployment rate in Estonia currently is not less than 19%.
As estonians tells a lot of lies in early stages always so trruth will come out soon.

Roger Moore,
17.10.08 20:40
From Estonians.
Cos living in Estonia made me real wise.
Living among thieves and liars and cheaters.

Roger Moore,
06.10.08 08:07
Most of Authors are biased here.They cant just listen any truth and any thing negative against estonia.and now I strongly suggests the name of country should be changed to Asstonia for obvious reasons.
And for Dudde whose comments truely reflects his name and few other Sexpeares:)
here I am not a Russian but I admire the great country.
Data dont say true always.It is mostly doctored to suit interests of writer or his agency or country..
Dont u see what data govt of estonia provides every day?
Mostly I laugh at stories here cos there is hardly any thing here worth serious comments.
If all people here are so super intelligent why dont they go to govt of estonia in form of a delegation and press it to do what they think can change economic history of Estonia?
This they will never do instead vomit their last night,s Vodka here in form of stupid comments

Roger Moore,
15.10.08 18:51
And who is talking of Human rights here?
Open your eyes and see how you violater Human rights in estonia.
I am one of such victim of Human rights violation in estonia.
Oh poor baby! Please don’t tell us your story :o

AND THE MOST INCREDIBLE: a positive comment about Estonians !!!
I first thought someone took his name and wrote it but the style is the same !! Ironic? No, not smart enough for that

Roger Moore,
10.09.08 09:35
I am amused I have love hate kind of fan Club here:)) Ha Ha Ha
Estonia is becoming colorful now.
Well about manners of estonians.
it is not true.
Most of estonians have been polite and have manners.
I lived and worked there quite few years.
It is not true Estonians are not Polite.I always find them Polite whether in shops, banks, offices.
May be I am a foreigner thats why. But so it is.I have no complaints with estonians atleast in this matter.
If you help some one why you expect a thank you.If some one says it to you well, if not than not.
And also dont expect some one hold your heavy carry bags.its your shopping dude.You must handle it :)
I have even women held door for me in Estonia though I felt embarrased.
So this is one Point I stand with Estonians.Most of them are well mannered

Roger Moore,
11.09.08 14:25
So moral of M story is that all SEB staff from Estonia should be transferred to Ukraine.:)))))
well it is no surprise thats SEB in estonia has to see this catastropic day.
The Kind of SEB recruited it is a commendable thing that this happened so later.I was already expecting it in 2006.
The SEB women more than 50% are divorceee and spend 75% of their time on man hunting scanning rich clients accounts.And Both SEB Men & Women workers sell other clients sensitive account information to the other interested persons for eek 250 to eek 1000 depending upon whose information is required and who is buyer.
SEB men spend their time in breaking into passwords of other person,s email accounts using SEB webmasters.
SEB women often break into passwords of clients and siphon off money in a more legal way steal it.
And on weekends 35% of each worker,s official Bank money in more than 45% workers is spent on Casino,s or their buying which they return to the Bank money next week during working days.
SEB women are specialists in sending vulgar messages to each other about the Client who come to Bank for some work.
These are some of un heard things in any banking in civiliased world.
SO if in a Bank the workers are indulged in so many and so colorful activities instead of working towards growth of Bank and being more Polite towards customers It is obvious such bank dies a un natural death.

Roger Moore,
17.09.08 20:40
SEB will be the first casuality in Estonia.
This Bank will suffer losses at end of the year and by end of the year pack its bags from Estonia , probably and go back.

Roger Moore,
17.09.08 20:42
Tallinn,I know a lot more abour SEB than what I showed here.
But it is not my way to tell all without reason.

Roger Moore,
17.09.08 20:44
May be you dont keep enough money with SEB to let seb women to train their guns in yr direction to hook you.May be you are not smart enough also or good looking.May be you are not in right age for them.
SEB women considers victim based on many factors.
So instead of shouting here Thank your stars rather and be quiet.

Roger Moore,
16.10.08 16:11
So Like United Arab Emirates is a junk yard so is Estonia.
And there is no such place on earth called Arab United Emirates.You Moron Estonians.

Roger Moore,
22.10.08 17:43
I Hope Smart Estonians read this also.
And not surprising no one has commeted on it and no expert opinions.
Where are you Coward Estonians.
Come forward and tell that it is a lie.
I know estonian Rats will not come forward now to react to this beacuse it is real truth.
Where are you hiding now Estonian rats?
Under sofa or in skirt of your girl friend?
Ah finally we found the rats also… that comes back very often

Oh! maybe he gave us a clue why he is so mean here:

Roger Moore,
22.10.08 19:16
Mr ME & Tired
I had a estonian wife and she gave me hell.
If you write me on email I will write you my story.
Even Estonian men calls estonian women Boobies Snakes.
But It is a insane race I mean Asstonians.Total Crazy animals.
Cold Blooded, Emotionless,Cultureless, No matter what they shout.They all know they are animals.
And unwanted on this Planet.

And the answer from the fake/real wife :D

Roger's previous wife 23.10.08 01:00
How could I be a normal woman with a man willing to make love once in a 5 month? He was a total impotent, and I - a young womanm I need love. He was somehow crazy attracted to my mother's cows in the farm. So plz, no more him or othr stpd "developped" mom boys.

He is so smart that he even answered the fake/real Estonian wife!!!! hahahahah
Only truth hurts???

Roger Moore,
23.10.08 07:48
Ha Ha Ha
Who is this Roger,s Previous wife :)))
And all other friends who support me and pay attention to me in + or -.I just say I dont preach here.
I am not bitter towards country.But the People who rule this and people who are ethnic estonians ate totally hopeless.
I made a very wise decision to leave this asstonia at right moment.
Beacyse these morons dont listen to any one as they are super smart rats and now rats will leave sinking ship( asstonia) first but where they will go and do what.
These potato peelers are useless for this planet.

Roger Moore,
23.10.08 07:58
Roger,s Previous wife
I dont know who are you.BUt it is in estonian culture to discuss sex in Public beacuse asstonians are animals in this way , any way not in my culture.
And if you wish to experience world famous virility of 007, come to me and for rest of your life your mouth will be shut.


AND this was just a quick overview of his gifts for commenting…
ET ceci n’était qu’un rapide aperçu de ses dons de commentateur…

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G. said...

Trust me...I would give anything to have him living in my flat and talk to him..and listen to his complaints...

Waffa said...

let's make a mission to meet him up...:D
and he have some followers also whit similar comments. First i got angry but now i see that most people from BBN understands he is a joke, hes comments does not mean anything.

Anonymous said...

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