Sunday, February 22, 2009

Estonia wants a nuclear power plant

What comes after Ignalina? Lithuania has been trying to find an answer to that question for some time already. Since the EU wants Lithuania to get rid of theur nuclear power plant (built on the model of Tchernobyl but restored and set to the norms), the 3 Baltic States had started to discuss the joint construction of a new one. No agreement was found and even Poland started to join the debates. That was it!

Estonia is on the edge of making a decision on whether or not they will build their own first nuclear power plant. That would bring energetic independence since the peat extracted on the Northern coast of Estonia is costly, polluting and above all limited.

In a preliminary study, the State run company Eesti Energia chose several sites offering cooling water for the construction of a nuclear reactor:

- Suur-Pakri Bay (close to Paldiski, former soviet military nuclear port)
- Keibu Bay (Noarootsi - north-western coast)
- Telise Cape(Noarootsi - north of Haapsalu)
- Letipea Peninsula (north-eastern coast)
- Tursamäe (close to Silamäe, another former soviet nuclear place)

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