Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No more KLM flights in Tallinn

KLM announced today that it will end its flights from Tallinn from the 4th of May.

“Yes, the story is over for this time,” Merik Ivask, the head of company’s office in Estonia said.

The decision was based on economic reasons and swinging fuel price, although 75% of the seats on Tallinn-Amsterdam flights were usually sold.

“Higher fuel price did its job and harmed whole aviation sector. First problems rose when the price for barrel of oil rose to 13-140 dollars. The economic crisis cuts wings even more and forces aviation companies to review all routes critically. If an aviation company can choose whether to make three shorter flights and earn on flights or to take one and longer distance, the picture is clear,” Ivask said.

The flights after May 3 would take place through Helsinki or Copenhagen with some other company, for instance, or the passengers get their money back.

“We inform clients today,” Ivask said.
Indeed, I received today an email from Air France - KLM announcing the news.

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