Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vabaduse Väljak: Walls in the Walls

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June 2009. That is the date to remember if you want to be the first to visit the memorial for the War of Independence (1918-1920) on Freedom Square.The almost accomplished momument is still under a tarpaulin ^, maybe to hideous to be shown. Whether you like it or not, it currently fits with the wall of cement around it.

Indeed, at the same they are building the underground parking in which they are desperately trying to include the wall from the Swedish fortification they found when digging. The result is questionnable since one can wonder where and how the cars will park.

For the time being, the view to the old town is pretty awful and we are really hoping for the work to be finished soon.

Some pictures - click to enlarge:

^ some walls inside the parking... normal 2/from the future monument

^ nice view! 2/explanations

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