Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mikk Pahapill and Ksenija Balta in Gold in Torino

No media is talking about it except in Estonian news obviously.

Mikk Pahapill and Ksenija Balta won almost at the same time (Mikk Pahapill about half an hour after Ksenija) a gold medal in Torino during the Indoor European Championship.

They respectively won the heptathlon (Mikk approached by 12 points the record of Erki Nool) and the woman long jump (with 6,87m).

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Margus said...
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Margus said...

Well, no other media talks about french athletes but french media!

Guillaume said...

yes that s my point... I could not find anything on THE sport site in French (L' about it.
That is also understandable to talk about athletes of your own country. Do Estonian media talk about French athletes?