Monday, March 30, 2009

Tallinn Legends and Mysteries: coming soon

That will be the new topic of the blog I will try to update regularly. I might focus less on news but give some tips about Tallinn secrets.

There will be a break from the 4th to the 19th of April due to vacations but here are some questions I will answer durint the coming weeks:

- who is the little grey man of Tallinn?
- where does the Danish flag comes from?
- what is the Brotherhood of Blackheads?
- Who is this mysterious man looking at the other building accross the street?
- what was the highest building in the Middle Ages in Tallinn and for some time in Europe?
- who are the 3 sisters?
- who is Fat Margarita?
- where does the name "Kiek in de Kook" come from?
- where was the KGB in Tallinn?

See you soon for the first post of this series intitled "Tallinn Legends and Mysteries"!

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Ludo said...

That's sounds good. Je suis friand de ce type de details et histoires. A propos, un peu plus bizarre, as-tu entendu parle des Barabaschkas? Selon les locaux, ce sont des esprits malins mais plutot inoffensifs qui occupent certaines habitations, bougent les fournitures en l'absence des habitants, ouvrent les portes fermes, etc et peuvent voyager avec eux si on laisse un sac ouvert avant de quitter les lieux.
Spooky mais charmant...