Friday, May 29, 2009

Eesti Energia: new oil-shale plant for Estonia

The state owned oil-shale energy company Eesti Energia announced the construction of a new EEK 3 billion (€190 million) plant in East Virumaa. The plant will produce shale oil which will be used by 2 units of 2x400MW to produce energy.

It should be completed by 2011 and is supposed to support the regional economy and the energetic independence of the country.

Estonia already has the world's largest oil-shale fired thermal power plants complex in Narva which comprises:
- Balti Power Plant (Balti Elektrijaam)
- Eesti Power Plant (Eesti Elektrijaam)

In spite of the European CO2 taxes paid because of this high polluting source of energy, Estonia has decided to follow the less ecological path and use its ressources.

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Timo said...

Hi there,

I would like to clarify one fundamental aspect which seems to be not correctly understood. The shale-oil factory produces oil, which can be used in several applications. The new power plant will use oil-shale throughout direct firing.

best regards,