Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eesti Ekspress desperate to sell copies?

It is what can suggest those children I saw on Friday selling copies of Eest Ekspress in the street close to Vabaduse Valjak.

My question: is it legal to employ children? Some of them were not more than 8/10! I know everybody has to work to save the country but that seems a bit too much!

If someone has an answer....

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Mattias said...

That's perfectly normal and has nothing to do with the economy. Our papers have employed young children (generally not younger than seven, I believe) as street salesmen since the Soviet times. These days, they're mostly employed by the tabloid Õhtuleht and the weekly Eesti Ekspress. I'm not sure if it boosts sales, and If I had to guess, I'd say probably not directly. Good for the public image though.

You'll also notice that as soon as school starts again in September, the kids are all gone. It's more or less the eponymous summer job for kids. I thought about applying for such a job when I was young, but passed because I thought it would be too strenuous. And now I write for one myself :)