Thursday, July 23, 2009

What to do in Viljandi Folk Music Festival?

You are planing to go to Viljandi for the folk festival 2009 this weekend and you do not know any name? So, what have you been doing? It's time to get ready and prepare yourslef! Lucky you, I've done it for you...

Here are a couple of names you must see (Friday - Sunday):

Friday 24th

18.00 @ Kirsimägi: Clã Brasil - as the name suggests they are from Brasil! With their forro, they should be able to warm up the stage and hopefully bring some sunshine with them during this rainy weekend (current forecast...).

22.00 @ Kirsimägi: Svjata Vatra - this Estonian-Ukrainian "firefolk" band and its charismatic leader come back to Viljandi

Saturday, 25th

16.00 @ Kaevumägi: Gjangsta - If you came to Viljandi to hear some Estonian traditional violin music, they're here for you. Don't be misleaded by their young age... Samples of their MySpace.

20.00 @ Kaevumägi: Blima - Created in 2006, the band is made of the union of 4 talented musicians from Asturias (North East of Spain). Listent to their playlist on their MySpace.

21.00 @ Aida suur saal: Shubhendra Rao & Satyajit Talwalkar - They come from far India, so better go there. Audio.

22.00 @ Kirsimägi: Zetod and Lenna Kuurmaa - If you don't know them yet, it's time to listen to their Estonian Ethno/Folk. Moreover they will come with Lenna Kuurmaa...

24.00 @ Saku Telk: Clã Brasil - if you missed them on Friday, you still have a chance to enjoy some forro
For the others, @ Kaevumägi, there will be Oort.

Sunday 26th

18.00 @ Kirsimägi: Burdon - They come from Lviv and this Western Ukrainian folk band was formed in 2002. They have quickly developed their music-making to an impressive level and built up a rich repertoire of traditional tunes, rural ritual songs, old ballads and cheerful dances.
Some songs here.

These are only ideas and you can find the full program with prices, place and time here.

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