Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Estonia: pick up your Christmas tree in the forest

It seems e-Estonia has no limit! You can pay your bus ticket, your parking, you can also vote by mobile phone and now you can buy your Christmas tree directly from the forest.

How? Easy, just take your family and drive out (or walk, a long walk in the cold is very healthy) to an RMK forest. Choose the tree that fits your needs and take it down (be careful!! :)).

Then measure it and... I hope you did not forget your mobile phone because this is how you will have to pay for it according to the following price list (you can also pay in advance via your online bank):

- trees shorter than 1 metre cost EEK 50 (call 900 0050 900 0050)
- trees from 1 up to 2 metres cost EEK 150 (call 900 0150 900 0150)
- trees from 2 up to 3 metres cost EEK 200 (call 900 0200 900 0200)

After the mobile payment transaction, the customers receives an SMS confirming the payment. It will be invoiced in the next bill.

Hopefully people will play the game but this is a good opportunity to have a fresh walk out with the family!

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