Saturday, January 30, 2010

Estonia: Orkut better than Facebook

Estonian Free Press published yesterday an article dealing with social media in Estonia.

A study realised by Estonian division of GfK Custom Research Baltic shows strange results regarding the use of Facebook and particularly the success of Orkut.

Confirming a bizarre exception that sees Google ruling in some specific markets with his not-too-successful social network, Orkut seems to be by far the most used by local population since 26 per cent of the respondents to the survey admitted using it at least once a month.
The second place goes instead to the 100% Estonian invention (16%), a site created by Andrei Korobeinik as an university project and which success allowed the creation of several other market specific similar sites controlled from Rate cool office in Parnu mnt.

Numbers go slightly down when it gets about Facebook – 12% – and drop significantly when mentioning Twitter and Myspace, used respectively by 6 and 5 per cent of Estonians.

The core group of users seems made by people in the 15-25yo range even if by admission of the head of the Estonian division of GfK Custom Research Baltic Mauri Sööt himself, Estonians make an important use of social networking platforms also for professional communication.

“The way how the members of the society communicate between themselves and with the State institution affects the society. E-banking, e-voting, use of e-services, reading news over the internet – all these means for official and unofficial internet communications have thus far demonstrated a clear growth trend,” he remarked.

Source: Estonian Free Press

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被リンク said...

But Orkut, Facebook, who will win at last?

Let's wait and see.

Bongos said...

Wow, I know nothing of Orkut, but if it's popular in Eastern Europe I might have to get in touch.

I always need to expand my networking.