Sunday, February 28, 2010

Classic 50km: Veerpalu 6th missed a medal for 5 seconds...

> Estonia: 1 silver medal (K. Smigun)

>>> Cross country - Classic 50km Men: Results

# It's almost the end of these Olympics in Vancouver. Tonight, you have to watch the ice hockey final between Canada and the USA.
See you in 4 years in Russia, in Sotchi!

1- NORTHUG (Norway)
2- TEICHMANN (Germany)
3- OLSSON (Sweden)
... 6- VEERPALU (Estonia) +6 sec.
... 30- MAE (Estonia) +5:05
... 34- REHEMAA (Estonia) +5:22
... 41- KARP (Estonia) +8:14

# Andrus VEERPALU is not far, 6th at 6 seconds. Nice race for the Estonian who participated in his last Olympics. A great champion is leaving and who will take the relay in Estonia??
# Sprint... and again the winner is the Norwegian NORTHUG. The German TEICHMANN is second and OLSSON third.

# VEERPALU was leading around the 49th km
# 45km - last lap: French VITTOZ leading now, VEERPALU 7th
still 10km - French GAILLARD leading. VEERPALU 9th
# 30km: VEERPALU 9th
# 25km (half way)
The Estonians REHEMAA (32nd) at 16 seconds and VEERPALU (37th) at 23 sec are in the race. MAE is slightly late (40th), +52 seconds, whereas KARP is already far, +1:50

# Already second ski change for VEERPALU after 25km... it will be hard to finish!

After 20km: 2 Norwegians leading: NORTHUG followed by SVARTEDAL. VEERPALU who was hidden during the first part of the race is now among the leading group, 16th at 5 seconds. REHEMAA is closely following him.
# After 10km, still a big peloton
# Race started

> Last possibility for Estonia to win a second medal:
Andrus VEERPALU (39, gold medal in Turin, 15km classic), Jaak MAE, Aivar REHEMAA, Algo KARP.

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