Saturday, February 27, 2010

Men's Relay 4x7.5km: Estonia Serious 14th

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1- Norway  2- Austria  3- Russia .... 6- France .... 14- Estonia

Estonia with Priit VIKS, Kauri KOIV, Indrek TOBRELUTS, Roland LESSING

The race:

# Estonia has been used during the previous races to finish in the last positions. Yesterday however, they did a serious race and finished 14th, before Slovakia, Bulgaria, Solvenia, Kazakhstan and Latvia (again last) - and only 18 seconds after the USA.

# The 1st relay was for Priit VIKS with 0 mistakes in the first shot and 3 in the second. Good relay from him. He launches Kauri KOIV in a good 14th place already, only 47 seconds after the leaders.
# Kauri KOIV makes a really bad first shot with 3 misses and 1 penalty lap. Hopefully his standing shot was perfect. He passes on the relay to Indrek TOBRELUTS in 17th position with an extended gap (+3 minutes).
# TOBRELUTS had great legs and good precision yesterday since he missed only 1 shot and took back the 14th rank and gives the relay to Roland LESSING, less than 4 minutes after the Norwegian leaders. He lost less than a minute durin his relay on the leaders!
# Roland LESSING will have to work the prone shot. He missed 5 targets and had to ski 2 penalty rounds. The standing shot was better, no mistake. This allowed him to give Estonia the 14th position in 1:28:16, exactly 6 minutes after Norway but only 18 seconds after the USA.

With a better shot, the 13th place was reachable but today was a strong race from the Estonian men relay.

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