Thursday, March 11, 2010

Protect the Magic of Tuhala Well: Sign the Petition NOW!

Some company want to start a quarry around the Tuhala area. Such a project would destroy the underground network of the karstic river, its ecosystem and hence destroy the magic of Tuhala Well (from December 2008).

To prevent this, go and sign the petition NOW! More than 35,000 people have already signed.

Spread the news to your friends and family and the address of the site:
Just enter your first name (eesnimi), family name (perekonnanimi), residence (elukoht > outside of Estonia, choose the last option "Välsjaspool Eestit") and email and sign (Kirjutan alla).You will then appear in the list and see how many people have done it before you.

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Anonymous said...

Magic, indeed. Just about the only people who've ever found any evidence for the river network have been dowsers.