Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tallinn: Emergency Landing on Frozen Ulemiste Lake

Today at 10.21, a Polish cargo place type AN-26 had to make an emergency landing on frozen Ülemiste lake. The lake is located a few metres from Tallinn airport. The plane came from Finland. 
The crew is not injured but the pilot was driven to the closest hospital to security reasons. The plane had sent an SOS a few moments before landing. They suffered from a landing gear problem. However, they managed to release the landing wheels.

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風俗被リンク said...

Oh, god bless.

It's so lucky that no one hurt.

Anonymous said...

one of your pictures looks like the estonian flag.

white ....then black in the middle, and blue on the top.
but that's how they got it right?
the flag represents the Estonian landscape, I thought.