Saturday, February 7, 2009

Best 2009 Estonian Song - Eesti Laul 2009

And the winner is... no we won't have the anwer now but he will have the privilege to go to Moskva to represent Estonia at the Eurovision.

The show to choose the best Estonian Song in 2009 was short but efficient.
This year, many different styles of songs you can listen at by clicking on the left menu.

Estonian gave some young bands the opportunity to become more famous such as Stereochemistry. I personally recomend n°8 See Päev by Traffic and n°3 Öösiti kõndides by a young band from Tartu, Stereochemistry.

Different style but interesting song, a bit repetitive to my opinion, is Rändajad by Urban Symphony.

On the other side of the story, we still had the opportunity to hear some sounds from the 90s, reminders of my teennage years, which usually work pretty well for the Eurovision.
Tonight we could appreciate a bit of "Freedom" by Rolf Junior with breathless lyrics "freedom is what we need...", and the whole boys band from the 90s package!

Lyrics are always an important aspect of a song: what do you expect from a song with a chorus going like this: "we have to go home, we need to be strong...."? Not much... a maybe one really must say "YES", please go home. The title of the song by Ithaka Maria is One last dance. I really hope it is the last one!

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