Monday, February 16, 2009

Save Estonia in 7 Steps

Today, Economy Class with Eesti Ühishuvi and Koostöö (Estonia’s joint interest and Cooperation, connecting NGOs).

In March, there is Harta forum in Tallinn, so let's all sit down and think of a plan to rescue the country. We are in 7th grade and the pupils are brainstorming, here is the list they prepared to restore economic competitiveness, Estonian welfare and get rid of the economic crisis.

1/Stop trying to find the guilty parts in the economic crisis
2/Support the necessary steps to join the euro zone
3/ Decrease the state and municipalities expenses in accordance with the economy’s real situation
4/ Save everything and everywhere it is possible to do so
5/ Promote Estonian goods
6/ Support innovation in the education and development of the culture
7/ Pay greater attention to volunteer activities and support people’s initiative to increase solidarity in the society

Actually that list is supposed to be serious... nothing concrete, pointless!

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