Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Laulupidu 2009 - Breathe as one

It is not a coincidence that in the Estonian language the word's "soul" and "breathing" come from the same stem. One word developed from the other, because breathing and soul are connected. Even so closely connected that if you breathe in the same rhythm with someone, with a little luck it is possible to see his soul. The same magic works when tens and thousands breathe as one. They look for the right place in a hurry, gasping for breath. They hold their breath in anticipation. They rejoice from their heart and soul. This is when the souls of one nation meet. It is breathtakingly beautiful. By breathing as one, history can be changed. The vibrations of the soul create a resonance that has broken iron and brought down political regimes. But it is not the only aim of breathing as one. This celebration unites us with those who sang and danced before us, as well as with our contemporaries whose soul may go unnoticed in the everyday rat race. When people breathe as one, it does not matter whether you face the audience of the performers of whether you are somewhere else instead. When you breathe with others as one, your soul is there.

It is time for a nation to breathe as one again.

In 2009 another Estonian family reunion - our very own Song and Dance Celebration - will take place. This Celebration is marked by significant anniversaries - it is already the 25th time that a nation comes together to celebrate the sence of belonging. 140 years ago the first Song Celebration took place in Estonia. Also Dance Celebration have impressive history going back to 1934, when the gymnastics' festival took place, in the frame of the first Estonian Games. The upcoming Song Celebration will follow the tradition that started in 1999, namely that the Song Celebration consists of two concerts of different types. The programme of the first day concert is more demanding, including the Estonian, Western and vocal symphinic repertoire. All Estonian professional choirs and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra will be participating. The second day concert is more traditional, performing only pieces by Estonian composers. The artistic director of the Song Celebration is Ants Soots.
The Dance Celebration concert will br centred around the theme of the sea. There will be three concerts on the Kalev Stadium. Henn Tiivel is the author of the idea of the upcoming Dance Celebration, the artistic director is Ülo Luht.
The Song and Dance Celebration will be preceded by Folk Music Celebration with about 200 folk musicians from folk music groups to individual players.

To Breathe as One | Programme

2 July, Thursday
at 15 - Folk Music Celebration on Town Hall Square
at 22.30 Celebration Flames arrival in Tallinn, Admiraliteedi Inlet.
Opening of Song and Dance Celebration

3 July, Friday
at 19 - First Concert of Dance Celebration - on Kalev Stadium

4 July, Saturday
at 11 - Second Concert of Dance Celebration - on Kalev Stadium
at 14 Festive Parade of Song and Dance Celebration
at 19 - First Concert of Song Celebration - on Song Celebration Grounds

5 July, Sunday
at 11 - Third Concert of Dance Celebration - on Kalev Stadium
at 14 - Second Concert of Song Celebration - on Song Celebration Grounds

2004 laulupidu - Ilus on maa

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Laurie said...

I bet this was an amazing experience! I'm still reeling just from having watched The Singing Revolution film... so powerful!