Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toomas Sildmäe irresponsible drunk driving

Toomas Sildmäe’s driving license has been suspended for 4 months by the police. The Estonian businessman has been caught drunk driving and will also have to pay up to EEK 18,000 as a fine.

Sildmäe is one of the foudners of former Hansapank and was the Minister of economic affaires under Mart Laar’s cabinet. He is now an honorary consul of Spain in Estonia. Thus he wasinvited to the reception held in the honour of the Spanish King the 3rd of May. Driving back home, Sildmäe damaged several cars with his Maserati Quattroport but quickly left the “scene of the crime”. First offence: hit-and-run. Hopefully, nobody was injured.

The police however caught him near his home under the influence of alcohol with a level of intoxication of 2.8g/L. He was afterwards taken to the police station to sober up. Second offence: drunk driving.

Consequently, Toomas Sildmäe left his position of president of the Estonian Motorsport Federation; probably too ashamed to be President of a driving association and not being able to park his car without damaging it…

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