Monday, July 13, 2009

Estonian fuel retailers lowered diesel prices

The decline on the international market of oil products from $72 at the end of July to $60 last Friday made it possible for Neste, Olerex and Statoil to lower prices in Estonian gas stations by EEK 0.5.

AS Eesti Statoil lowered the retail prices of diesel fuel after 10 o'clock on Monday by 50 cents per litre due to the falling purchase prices of motor fuels. After that, Neste stated that the fall in petrol prices by 50 cents per litre will not be limited to the past weekend alone.

Olerex announced that in July, the oil prices on the global market have been in decline mostly due to the demand in the United States that was lower than previously expected and hence the enterprise also decided to lower prices of diesel fuels by 50 cents per litre.

"Along with the price decline on Friday, the retail prices of fuels have again fallen to the level that they were at before the tax increase (in cases of petrol) or close to it (in cases of diesel fuel)," said the marketing director of Olerex Antti Moppel.

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