Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Estonia is too poor to go to Eurovision

According to some rumors confirmed by an interview given by the CEO of the Estonian Public Broadcastinf ERR Margus Allikma, the possibility that Estonia will not participate to the Eurovision competition in 2010 is concrete.

Allikma reminded the audience how most of the broadcasters of the whole European Union are coping with the outcomes of the financial crisis and so are trying to cut expenses in order to be able to survive.

And Eurovision might be one of the first icons to fall as, in case of an Estonian victory in Oslo 2010, Estonia might not be able to afford the nowadays immense organizational costs.

ERR, getting Estonia the “honor” of hosting Eurovision again, would have to save something like 28 million EEK – 7% of its whole budget – “Personally I think canceling Eurovision participation is the easiest option, Mr Allikmaa says. We know that it is a very popular show in Estonia, and the ratings we get are good, but staying at home for one year would not change anything.

Source: Estonian Free Press

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