Sunday, February 21, 2010

Estonians discrete in the 2 x 15km Double Poursuit Men

>>> Results: 2 x 15km Double Poursuit Men

GOLD: Hellner (Sweden)
SILVER: Angerer (Germany)
BRONZE: Olsson (Sweden)
# First Estonian, Aivar Rehemaa finishes 37th, + 6:04 (39th after classic style)
# Kaspar Kook (Estonia) is 42nd, + 7:28
# Karel Tammjarv is 46th, + 7:51

# Hellner is the fastest in the last metres and wins, followed by Angerer and Olsson
# A small group comes back on Olsson.
# Northug has a problem and has to give up for the medal!
# 18,75km - Olsson (Swe) alone, 12 sec ahead of Vittoz (Fra) and the peloton.
# 15km - ski change; the race should start now..
# 11.25km - no big changes. A group of 25 is leading with the front runners
# 7.5km - Cologna, Bauer, Gaillard - pace is rather slow
#5.1km - Bauer followed closely by Gaillard. Peloton stars spreading
# 3.75km - Bauer leading, peloton still packed
#1.3km - peloton is still compact - Rehemaa in the 15th

On the track for Estonia:KOKK Kaspar, TAMMJARV Karel and REHEMAA Aivar

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