Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mannima only Estonian to complete the 2x7.5km Double Poursuit

>>> Vancouver - Results: 2 x 7.5km Double Poursuit - Women 


1- Bjorgen (Norway -2nd gold medal)
2- Haag (Sweden)
for the third place ... photo finish it will be either Kowalczyk or Steira3- Kowalczyk (Poland)

# Last lap, a group of 5 leads with Bjorgen (Nor), Kowalczyk (Pol), Saarinen (Fin), Haag (Swe) and Steira (Nor)
#Half way (7.6km), ski change, Saarinen (Fin) leads. Kowalczyk (Pol) second.
# 2nd lap: Smigun gives up !

For Estonia:
- Tatjana Mannima - only Estonian to finish, 44th, +04:26:10
- Kristina Smigun-Vähi (Silver medal - 10km) - DNF
- Kaija Udras - DNF

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